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Protect your Time.
Connect with Intention.

About Us

Two bald guys walked into a bar...

One of us was a scientist working at Big Pharma, the other a service provider looking for a new contract.  It didn’t take long to realize the frustration - and opportunity for improvement - on both sides of the vendor-pharma relationship.

Bald Guys PicIf you work at a life science company, too many demands are made against your time for “pitch meetings” -- which never seem to come when you might need what’s being pitched. Often you realize quickly that it is not a good or timely fit-- but you finish the hour anyway just to be polite. Then you wince at the call for "next steps" when... well...  Oh, and by the time you are ready to start something-- you've long forgotten about that sales pitch from months ago that might be relevant today.

If you provide services or products, too much time and travel is spent reaching out to people who are not ready to buy. Or they don't have the authority. So you try to work your way to the big boss, hoping they will pressure the people under them to "find a way” to work with you— and nothing annoys a scientist like busy work for the boss, distracting from the actual goals and KPIs for the year.

And then there are the cold calls: picking up the phone to a strange number, and… ugh. Someone asking for a meeting to make a pitch. As annoying as it is to get that call, it’s even worse for the poor soul making it.

Why keep doing this? That's too much “Push” in a world that’s moving toward “Pull.” 


So we found a better way. A way to accelerate identification of potentially fruitful engagements, based on mutual interest only. Less time wasted on dead-end leads. No need defend your calendar against pitch meetings when 3-minutes of direct information exchange (or less) can tell you if something is worth pursuing further. It's fast and effective. It protects your privacy and respects your precious time.


Life Science Professionals: Find your business match when you need them. Just scan for what’s most likely to meet your needs when ready, and keep yourself safely focused on your other work until then.

Solutions Providers ("vendors"): let the hot leads come to you. Spend less time on airplanes and pitch meetings, and focus on delivering results and setting up great partnerships with people who really want to talk with you, and who are ready to engage.


Join us!  Protect your Time.  Connect with Intention.